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Choosing the Perfect Door

Getting exactly what you want is a simple matter of following the steps and marking your choices down. Your options are listed below, in easy-to-follow sections.

Here we go

The first thing you need to do is select the kind of wood you’d like. Next, pick your series, the stile and rail profile, the insert profile, and the outside profile. It’s simple. There are eight basic types of wood to choose from, seven series, and so on.

Options, options, options

Once you have your basic door, you can take things a step further. Personalize your doors with one or more of our standard design options. You can opt for extra-wide stiles and rails, or decorative inlay. You can have glass frames, vertical or horizontal mid-rails, or recessed finger pulls.

You also might want to decide on a drawer front at this time—something that will harmonize with what you’ve already chosen.

Everything we make is custom-made. Every order is already a custom order; so don’t feel limited by what you see on this web site. If you’d prefer some exotic species of wood, we can use that instead, as long as it’s both available and millable. If you want something else — just ask. If it’s do-able, we’ll be happy to do it for you.

Also — If you find that a picture just isn’t enough for you, and you really can’t decide, you can come visit us and see for yourself.

Order your doors!

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