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Go ahead and dress things up and make them yours and yours alone. If you have something in mind, by all means, tell us. However, there are some practical restrictions. For example, we can’t give you a mid-rail door if the door is too small to fit one.

BB Double Cathedral EE Double French Cathedral
BB – Double cathedral EE – Double French cathedral
CC Double Small Arch DD Double Big Arch
CC – Double small arch DD – Double big arch
A Extra Wide Stiles B Horizontal Midrail
a – Extra-wide stiles and rails. Specify size: 3”, 3 1/2”, 4” b – Horizontal mid-rail Note: door must be at least 20” tall
Vertical Midrail Square Pegs
c – Vertical mid-rail Note: door must be at least 12” wide d – Pegs Square
 Diamond Pegs Recessed Finger Pulls
d – Pegs Diamond e – recessed finger pulls
 Slot Retainer Mullion
f – Slot and Retainer. Used to hold in glass on a glass frame door. g – Mullion
Mullion 4 Lite Mullion 4 Lite
g – Mullion g – Mullion
Hinge Holes
h – Hinge holes

Order your doors!

Square Top

Oak, A, 1, B, 4-1/4